About Fairies in Not the Purest of Heart or Soul

What are fairies? Most of us think of Tinker Bell when we first think of the word and others don’t. Ultimately, though, the general idea that people have about fairies today is the same across the board: they are small, beautiful, winged humanoid creatures that live more or less forever. They might even be human-sized fairy godmothers that grant the wishes of good little boys and girls.

However, purely good fairies in literature are a relatively new concept in the big scheme of things. Long ago, when humans first came up with the idea of a fairy, fairies were something to fear. Fairies stole things. Fairies played tricks on people. Fairies cursed people who offended them in some way. Fairies were monsters that would sneak into your home at night and steal your newborn baby, leaving a changeling in its place. Stories about fairies were prevalent all around the world and often had striking similarities, such as the Mexican duende and the English brownie, although the duende and the brownie were generally seen as benign compared to chaneques and boggarts.

The fairies found in Not the Purest of Heart or Soul will primarily be based around English, Scottish, and Irish fairy mythology, but that isn’t to say that fairies from other cultures won’t make appearances, as many fairies had equivalents in many cultures.

So far in Not the Purest of Heart of Soul, we have been officially introduced to a dryad named Thoreau, an elf named Serafina, and a spriggan named Raolf. You can expect to encounter dwarves, trolls, goblins, sprites, sylphs, and many more fae folk as the story progresses.

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