Children’s Poetry

Flowers Are Blooming

Flowers are blooming,

fed by the cool, soothing rain.

Budding bulbs of hope.

No longer buried,

beneath a blanket of snow,

now the flowers grow.


Kittens and puppies

Tred into the grass to play.

What a happy day.


Children run and shout

playing little childhood games.

Let’s go play today!


The sun is shining.

Just watch where you step because

flowers are blooming.

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Precious Little Dear

Where did you come from,

You precious little dear?  

I would like to meet you,

if you would only come near.  

Your fur is thick and matted.  

Your bones are shining through.  

Will you come here soon?

I would like to meet you.  

You’ve had a hard life.  

I can see that’s true.  

Will you let me help you?

I’ll take you home to care for you.  

Precious little dear,

Who has been so cruel to you?  

It doesn’t matter anymore,

Because I will love you true.  

I run this brush through all the knots-

I know that it hurts.  

Some of this will have to go-

scissors will have to do.

Soon your coat is nice and clean,

even though you hated the bath.  

I can tell you feel much better.  

I’m glad you spared me your wrath.  

I poured some food into your bowl-

special food just for you-

and watched you gobble it all up.

And you enjoyed it, too!  

You’re home where you belong,

my precious little dear.  

Our neighbors are so jealous

because I have you here.

Toby Likes to Play

Toby likes to play.

I gave him my favorite bear.

We can’t afford that much,

but I’d gladly give him my lunch.


Toby is brown with spots.

I pet him every day.

He really likes my touch,

He likes me very much.


Toby barks sometimes.

He is really loud

and for a month, he really stunk

because he found that skunk.


Toby got in trouble.

He peed in my shoe.

Mom was pretty mad

And Toby felt really bad.


Toby’s my best friend,

Even when he’s bad.

My Toby loves me so much,

He’d give me all of his lunch.

Lonely Like Me

I found him near the bushes.  

He was as small as a cat can be.  

He seemed to be all alone.  

He seemed a lot like me.  


I took him in my arms.  

He seemed to give me a smile.  

His whiskers were soft and

I wanted to take him home.  


My mama said I could have him,

but Dad made that face.  

Mama said to ignore him,

that it would all be okay.  


I decided to name him Whiskers,

because his were really big.  

I went to give him milk,

but Mama said no.  


“Cow’s milk is bad for kitties,”

my dear mother said to me.  

“We don’t want to make him sick.”

My mama is so smart.  


He keeps me company

when the yelling starts,

and we hide together

and we pray that it will end.


I don’t have many friends,

but the ones I have are great!  

The very best one, though,

Is my little, furry friend.  


Whiskers is a kitten.  

He is a lot like me.  

I hope to make him happy-

as happy as he made me!  

Pet Haikus

Lilah is Purring

Lilah is purring.  

I pet her soft and white fur.  

We are so happy.  


Mitzy is Swimming

Mitzy zips around.

I like to watch her swimming.  

She is the best fish.  


Rudolph is my dog.

Rudolph is my dog.

Mom says we can keep him.  

I will love him so.  


Jim is a Lizard

Jim is a lizard.

He’s a bearded dragon.

He is quite gentle.  


Cindy is No Exception

Parakeets are loud.

Cindy is no exception.

She wants attention.

House Rules

House Rules
By Alice Frutis

No barking loudly in the house

and no jumping through the roof.

No biting hands or tables;

no peeing in the fruit.

No chewing on the dresser.

No biting people’s legs.

No scaring all our kitties,

and no gnawing on my bed.

No jumping over the house.

No leaping through the windows.

No chewing on my rackets,

And no drinking my tamarindo!  

Always greet me when I walk in.

Always lick me when I’m sad.  

Always guard my friends and family,

and always love me.