About Alcina the Thief: Not the Purest of Heart or Soul

Alcina is rude, crass, and self-centered. At the same time, however, Alcina is more than that. Alcina is intelligent, bold, and focused. She has a very strong understanding of right versus wrong and good versus evil, but these are black-and-white principals that Alcina doesn’t care about in the slightest. Alcina is unapologetic about her illegal activities and she knows that her uncle would be ashamed to know that she hadn’t been trying to live a better life on the straight and narrow, but she doesn’t care. Alcina will survive no matter what she has to do and she doesn’t consider herself a bad person no matter what she does.

Alcina is the only human that will be portrayed “on-screen” in the entirety of Not The Purest of Heart or Soul. None of the other characters shown in the story, no matter how human they may seem, are human and Alcina will be consistently surprised that nothing in the fairy realm follows the rules of human society that she is so accustomed to ignoring. Alcina will also quickly find she fits in with the Unseelie Court more than she does amongst humans or even the Seelie Court.

Fairies don’t follow the same cut-and-dry system of morality that humans tend to expect them to. No fairy is entirely “good” or “evil.” As such, even the “good” fairies from the Seelie Court, such as Thoreau, perform acts that Alcina would categorize as “evil.” Alcina will similarly find that “evil” fairies, such as Raolf, sometimes do things that are “good.” In the end, Alcina will learn valuable lessons about humanity as well as the fae, but don’t expect her to come to some epiphany that she was wrong the whole time for stealing from people. Alcina’s understanding of society and morality will improve, but she will remain true to her own internal code, which says that she has a right to do anything she has to do to survive and live a comfortable life.

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