Lonely Like Me

I found him near the bushes.  

He was as small as a cat can be.  

He seemed to be all alone.  

He seemed a lot like me.  


I took him in my arms.  

He seemed to give me a smile.  

His whiskers were soft and

I wanted to take him home.  


My mama said I could have him,

but Dad made that face.  

Mama said to ignore him,

that it would all be okay.  


I decided to name him Whiskers,

because his were really big.  

I went to give him milk,

but Mama said no.  


“Cow’s milk is bad for kitties,”

my dear mother said to me.  

“We don’t want to make him sick.”

My mama is so smart.  


He keeps me company

when the yelling starts,

and we hide together

and we pray that it will end.


I don’t have many friends,

but the ones I have are great!  

The very best one, though,

Is my little, furry friend.  


Whiskers is a kitten.  

He is a lot like me.  

I hope to make him happy-

as happy as he made me!  


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